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2 years ago @ 3:54PM

S.A.L.T. Core Values

S.A.L.T. (Student Athlete Leadership Team)


The Holt High School S.A.L.T. is a group of student athletes nominated by their coaches to represent their sport and their teammates in monthly meetings with the Athletic Director.  This Team serves as a liaison between coaches, the athletic department and student athletes in an effort to make participation in athletics at Holt part of the total educational experience and assist student athletes in their personal development as well as learning valuable life lessons.

Last school year, this team spent a majority of their time together answering the following question:

"Why is participation in athletics valuable - from a student athlete's perspective?"

We are proud to present their answer to that question in terms of Core Values.  Here is their answer (again this is from the student-athlete's perspective):

  1. Teamwork - family, loyalty, effort
  2. Sportsmanship - respect, having class, representing community, family & team
  3. Mental Toughness - positive attitude, work ethic, discipline, passion
  4. Commitment - effort, dedication, attendance
  5. Coachability - accountability, open mind, trust your coach

Once these core values were agreed upon, unanimously, the next question asked of them was:

"Where is winning/losing in all of this?"

They decided, winning is important and is always their goal.  It's often the result when all 5 core values are met.  However, it was NOT their answer to "why" they participate. 

This year the SALT team is hosting a summit on leadership and has invited all 19 CAAC schools to attend a seminar on Tuesday, September 25th, 2018.  They will also be working on mentorship ideas as well as an evaluation tool.  The athletic department is excited for the new school year and these new tasks that SALT has set to achieve.  Go RAMS!  

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