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6 months ago @ 9:20AM

Mental Health Resources

Options for access to mental healthcare:

Betterhelp: Offers a lot of options for virtual mental healthcare. Video chat, phone chat, live texting and text chats. This allows you to message your therapist 24/7 and they will respond in a private text conversation through the website or app. You can do this whenever, and it is texting so it allows the privacy of other people in the house not being able to overhear what you need to talk about. You can also schedule visits to video chat or phone call. It accepts some kinds of insurance, but is available without insurance. Without insurance, it is a subscription of $60-80 per week. But again, you have 24/7 access to your counselor.

Telehealth, which is like skype, is a convenient and safe way to see a therapist. For people with Blue Cross insurance, us the BCBSM app, or there is an app called Amwell, the accept many insurances, and takes visits without insurance. Therapists typically respond within a day if something urgent comes up. A lot of people are afraid to use this because they are afraid of "not getting the full experience" because they don't see the therapist in person. Many prefer it because it is more convenient to fit into their schedule, easier to reschedule if something comes up, and because they can chill out and hold their pet while talking about things.

Traditional in person counseling: Go to and search Lansing, MI in the search bar. It will give you a list of therapists available in the area. Read their bios to get an idea which one you think you would get along best with, and who specializes in what you want help with. offers therapy as well as mental training for athletes!

School Counselors: The counselors at the school are also available to help in any way they can!!!  Please email:

  • Kim Reichard - (Last names A-G)
  • John Conner - (Last names H-O)
  • Nicole Lown - (Last names P-Z)
  • Lindsay Schaeff - (Seniors)

Don't get discouraged if you decide to pursue therapy, you have been dealing with these problems for a long time and won't be "fixed" in one visit. It's a journey to wellness. It may also take some trial and error to find the therapist that is right for you. However, therapy can change your life for the better in ways you never realized.

There is a questionnaire available through a link in the MHSAA website: that is a quick questionnaire to see if you may show signs of depression. 

There are also ones on anxiety, insomnia, sleep. It may be a helpful way to decide if you want help.

Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) | Depression Center | Michigan Medicine

This link below is to help teenagers navigate if they think a friend is struggling. How to notice it, what to do, and do's and don'ts of talking to their friend.

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