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3 months ago @ 11:06AM

Letter to the Senior Class Athletes of 2020

With the MHSAA announcement yesterday to cancel winter and spring sports seasons, it is with such a heavy heart that I write this to the Holt Ram Class of 2020.  I am grieving for all our seniors, not just as the athletic director but as a parent as well.  I have been lucky enough to have watched most of these beautiful humans grow into amazing young adults since Kindergarten.  And while I am surely biased, I think this group of seniors is one of the most kindhearted, fun-loving, generous, selfless, & overall GOOD group of young adults that I have been privileged to work with.  I was so looking forward to celebrating all the "lasts" with you.  This truly breaks my heart, for you, for your parents, and for your coaches.

I have so much I had planned to say to the Class of 2020 before they left, so through the lump in my throat, here goes:

First, I am so proud of you.  Proud of all the spirited conversations we have had, proud of all the hard work you have put in to your sport, proud of conquering all the adversity that has dared to cross your path.  So proud, that you have inspired me to be better & to work harder.

Second, THANK YOU!  Thank you for including me in your celebrations, for asking for my viewpoint, for listening to my advice & for always remembering that Holt Athletes are held to a higher standard.  You have accepted that challenge with high integrity & high character. Thank you for accepting your mistakes, owning them & trusting me when I said: "This is how an athlete grows; by learning from their mistakes.  NEVER BE AFRAID TO FAIL."

Lastly, this senior class will always be remembered for their kindness, selflessness & service.  You have given so much of your time & yourself to making our community a better place.  We are lucky to have such generous leaders!  Take that with you wherever you go.  Continue to give & to be kind, the world needs it now & needs you.

To all the parents: Thank you for your cheers, your support, your sacrifice, your time (countless hours in the concession stands) and for letting me be a part of your child's time here at Holt High School.  It's been an honor.

I cannot put into any more words how unbelievably sad and heartbroken I feel for all of you.

However, like a true Ram and a true competitor, I will leave you all with this thought:

  • Remember to only look back for a brief moment for reflection and direction.  Your future is forward.  You now have an even bigger challenge which requires bigger goals to set.  YOU. ARE. READY. You have been working towards this your whole life.  BRING IT!  LET'S GO!  Grab the world by the horns because you ARE and ALWAYS will be a HOLT RAM!



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